About us

Our central theme: "Sustainable handling of materials and energy"

The Environmental Science Center (WZU) concentrates the environmental scientific and technological expertise of the University of Augsburg and is responsible for creating an effective public image of the institute. All professors of the University of Augsburg who are presently conducting research on environmental topics are members of the Environmental Science Center. In addition, this group of researchers collaborates with other environmental experts from inside and outside the university. Meetings of members, conferences and other events promote an exchange of ideas: In this way interdisciplinary dialogue is used to provide productive energy.

The central theme of the WZU is the sustainable handling of materials and energy. The fact that this theme involves two concepts, which are closely related to industry, is intentional. It is necessary to translate environmental topics into the language of industry if awareness of these issues is to be aroused there. The scientific program is being realized by taking the potential of the university staff into account. The research projects are being financed by foundations, NGOs, the German Federal Government and industry.

Conferences, congresses and scientific exhibitions demonstrate the innovative energy and practical strength of environmental research in Augsburg. The European Office of the World Environment Center (WEC) is located directly adjacent to the WZU. This organization consists of environmental directors from 40 multi-national companies, whose aim is to promote sustainable production methods. The close contact to the WEC facilitates the transfer of ideas and research results to practical applications. The WZU does not only have a regional but also an international focus, strengthened by the close proximity and connection to the WEC.