Resource Strategy

In particular many high-tech products (e.g. cell phones, flat panel displays, IT-hardware, energy-saving lamps, photovoltaic cells, catalysts) incorporate a number of functional materials and rare metals, such as indium, hafnium, germanium and platinum.

As the amount of rare metals used in products is often very small, recycling and recovery of these substances are frequently technically not feasible. They are so thinly dispersed in the environment that they cannot be regained. Not very much is known about ecotoxicology or the impact of these substances on health. What is sure, is that the scarcity of many strategic metals will further increase. This further emphasizes the need for efficient recycling systems and technologies. As a result, substitution and design for recycling will become increasingly important.

For several years the research of resource strategy is being continuously developed by Prof. Reller and his staff in cooperation with students from geography and material science, focusing specifically on metals.

In the winter semester 2009/2010 the Chair of Resource Strategy (Lehrstuhl Ressourcenstrategie) was established which is currently held by Prof. Armin Reller.