Our Life With Carbon Dioxide

co2_coverWhen the earth was still young, its atmosphere contained about 30 percent CO2. Today this carbon dioxide is stored in living organisms and in the soil. Almost everything we see when we enjoy nature is transformed CO2, form limestone cliffs to treetops.

Our exhibition tells the story of CO2 - with its most important developments, crises, and turning points - as a three dimensional, interactive experience. We begin our journey with the oldest evidence of archaic times and eventually wind up in our time, for we humans are influencing the CO2 story in a massive way.

Our power plants, heating, and vehicles burn fossile fuels and set free CO2 that has been burned up for millions of years. We are not only using up precious resources but the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere also has an effect on the climate.

It is high time to rethink how we deal with CO2. We invite you to participate in an exciting experience with many fascinating eyperiments and with unique exhibit items. A leaf from the primeval tree is included as well as last few drops of the miracle-working Quirinus oil form the Tegernsee.

Discover the close relationship between CO2 and life and investigate the relationship between CO2 and climate. Accompany us on a lively tour through the world of nature and mankind. It is a journey the makes great interrelationships clear, opens up surprising perspectives, promises entertaining activities and also provides food for thought.

Project Team:
Dr. Simon Meißner, Prof. Dr. Armin Reller, Claudia Schmidt, Dr. Jens  Soentgen, Knut Völzke

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