Regional Resource Management

"From the region - to the region" - this theme stands for an environmentally-equitable and sustainable development. The concepts of regional orientation and sustainability are present in many ways and are currently of great importance. Therefore an increasing number of organizations, associations and private companies are involved in implementing a sustainable development on different levels. Furthermore there have been made many efforts in establishing regional initiatives and marketing strategies, but also in supporting political and public discussions on sustainable development. However, until now there has not been paid much attention to the role of individuals and private companies in successful implementation of sustainability on regional level and how regions will be affected by small and mid-sized companies in particular.

Against this background there was great interest in studying the effects of regional-orientation and sustainability of mid-sized companies in detail. The WZU in cooperation with the business consultants of M. Moedinger were able to accomplish a case study of a mid-sized company, the Aying Brewery next to Munich. The study has shown the complex diversity of relationships between a mid-sized company and its surrounding area. These relationships are leading to immense economical, ecological and social-cultural potentials and effects in the brewery's surrounding area. These potentials and effects have been evaluated in terms of sustainability, too. In addition, the study has shown how regional business of the Aying Brewery could be managed under sustainable criteria and how the sustainability of the whole mid-sized brewing industry could potentially be intensified in general. As a matter of fact middle-sized breweries are deeply linked to their local communities and their surrounding areas. They have immense prerequisites and potentials to create and support a strengthened regional economy. Due to their economical, ecological, political and cultural involvement and activities breweries are important factors for ensuring a long-term development and a sustainable future within their regions.

Further information:
Dipl.-Geogr. Simon Meißner