oekoprofitOn Tuesday, September 27th, the WZU received the Ökoprofit-Award of the city of Augsburg (Projekt: Agenda 21) by lord mayor Dr. Wengert. The protection of environment and the saving of natural basic living conditions are the most important tasks also in economically difficult times. The city of Augsburg has a model function as an environmental competence centre in Bavaria. Ökoprofit Augsburg offers not only a contribution to improve the regional environmental conditions, it is also a project that strengthens the economy by preventing environmental protection.

The WZU participated in the Ökoprofit-workshops 2004/2005 together with the AMU and the sports centre of the University of Augsburg. For one year the environmental team, under the management of Claudia Schmidt and Corinna Steber, checked the buildings for chemicals, concerning to environmental law, and introduced measures to improve environmental management and communication. For technical and organizational measures, that reached a traceable environmental relief and an outstanding environmental management, Mr. A. Zimmermann, the Chancellor of the University of Augsburg, received the the Ökoprofit-Award for our location by lord mayor Dr. Wengert in the city hall of Augsburg on September 27th. We are a certified Ökoprofit-Institution now. This award inspires us to a sustainable consum of energy and materials and to realize new technical possibilities quickly.

Projectterm: 01.10.2004 - 30.09.2005

Projekt Team:
Dr. Jens Soentgen, Claudia Schmidt M.A., Dipl.-Päd. Corinna Steber