Lerneinheit Stoffgeschichten für die Volkswagen AutoUni

Volkswagen AutoUni is the Company's own internationally recognized learning institution with an academic profile. It serves as a center of skills and culture at Volkswagen AG and addresses the upper echelons of Job Families and management elites. The courses are all strictly transdisciplinary in structure and at a postgraduate level. The course content is built on the strategic topics of relevance to the Company, and it is they that provide the structure for the educational programs. As initial pilot courses, Volkswagen AutoUni is offering Masters courses in “Sustainable Mobility” and in “Leadership in a Global Context” offered by Volkswagen AutoUni is in the first instance focused on the world of Volkswagen. In a second phase, it will also be accessible to suppliers and partners. The third stage of its development will involve opening it to the general public.

Also single moduls are offered, one of them has the title “Sustainable Technologies”. The "Sustainable Technologies" module covers the social,  ecological and economical aspects of sustainable production. The WZU has been involved into the planning and development of the modul since 2004. Some WZU-members are also involved as teachers. Students will be taught the skills and knowledge to enable them to undertake an all-embracing assessment of products and technologies. The geographical focus of the module is on Brazil.

Projectterm: 01.01.2004 – 31.12.2004

Project Team:
Prof. Dr.
Armin Reller, Dr. Stefan Böschen, Dr. Luitgard Marschall, Dr. Jens Soentgen