Research at the WZU

The Environmental Science Center (WZU) forms research groups to work on topics concerning the central theme of WZU – the sustainable usage of substances, materials and energy – for a specified period of time. The projects aim at developing practical solutions for a sustainable handling of materials and energy. A project must fulfil the following essential prerequisites to be accepted: the theoretical approach has to be interdisciplinary and the researchers is to represent different fields of study. In addition to the publication of reports of works-in-progress, workshops, symposiums and congresses are held to intensify interdisciplinary communication not only among the research groups of the University of Augsburg, but also externally. Those activities are designed to enhance the stimulating and productive energies of interdisciplinary discourse.

By inviting visiting scholars to participate in our projects, we hope to encourage the involvement of scientists from academic fields outside of those represented by researchers from the University of Augsburg. This exchange with scientists from other fields of study and other “scientific cultures” is to lead to a questioning of the traditional academic divisions and field-specific working methods, which are usually taken for granted. Thus innovation is possible.